This is how we would like you to recognize……. Windsor

“Collaborative – Diverse – Supportive”

Windsor is a resourceful, collaborative, socially aware, culturally and musically diverse community.  The link to the labor movement contributes to our success, given the labour movement’s connections to a social mandate and social justice.  Windsor is the fourth most culturally diverse city in Canada after Toronto, Montreal and Richmond, BC.  Just as we are culturally diverse, we are musically diverse: pub bands, rock bands, folk music, blues, jazz, classical, contemporary Canadian music, and marching band groups all exist and thrive in Windsor.

“There is this circular motion that everybody that’s had the opportunity to be in music from a young age gives back to the next group and there’s this constant circle of paying it forward, whatever experience they had.”


Windsor has a long-standing reputation as being an automotive town.  And while there have been financial hardships associated with that industry in recent years, Windsor is a generous town – charitably, financially, and musically.  There is a core group of semi-professional and professional musicians who are passionate about and committed to passing on their knowledge to younger and less experienced musicians.  We think that the auto industry also contributes to the collaborative nature of the music community in Windsor – everyone contributes to the musical success of our community.



Kindergarten to Grade 12 Successes


Post-Secondary Successes


Community Successes


Music Community Successes


Partnership Successes



  • Some live performances in local bars – great music and local artists
  • Phog Lounge
  • Place Concorde (Home to the Canadian Blues Hall of Fame


“The people who really want to, who are very committed and passionate are very resourceful in paying it forward…grant writing, approaching the symphony, getting university students to come…

Our Strategic Plan


  1. Creation of a Hub or chapter group– linking with the Coalition for Education create a locally based group (hub) of music and community leaders to contribute their expertise to the prioritizing of music education in the community and support actions to strengthen and support activities. Within the Hub would be music education professors, music education students, music teachers in schools, conductors/performers, community groups – any sector interested in the benefits of music in the community.
  1. This Hub working with the Coalition would create a strong advocacy campaign with measured outcomes. It would work toward ongoing PD for teachers and getting teachers to talk amongst themselves to ease feelings of isolation.



  • 1. Strong community groups
    • Support music programs and fill the missing gaps
    • Creative communities of practice – to discuss successes and challenges within the schools, community, etc.
  • 2. Improve performance spaces
    • Explore municipal/corporate partnership project to improve one space for the entire community
    • organize a performance celebration in a new space (once one in Windsor is complete
  • 3. Engage broad spectrum of ”experts”
    • Informal/rock scene
    • Youth
    • Music education students/professors
    • Community music leaders
    • Community leaders


We think these key ingredients make Windsor a vibrant music community
  • Collaboration between different groups
  • Sharing expertise
  • Artistically/musically accomplished
  • Great, educated audiences
  • Many opportunities for various skill levels
  • Diversity of community and music genres
  • Proximity to Detroit
  • Resourcefulness of musical community – hard workers
  • School communities
  • “Pay it forward” attitude
  • Dedication and commitment of music leaders
  • Professional music communities – Windsor Symphony Orchestra and University of Windsor