Welcome to the Wise Voices for Music – Sudbury Action page. Information on this page reflects work that was started by participants at a meeting in May 2013 at Laurentian University. Participants shared community successes, began to identify solutions to address gaps and determined key priorities to help guide an Action Plan. Since then, an Action Team has met to continue the work.

Here’s what you’ll find:
– How we would like you to recognize Sudbury
– Key ingredients that we think make Sudbury a vibrant music community
– Our Successes – (not an exhaustive list but it’s a beginning!)
– Our Strategic Priorities


This is how we would like you to recognize……. Sudbury

“Welcoming – Generous – Charitable”

We are a small, innovative, diverse, unified community – close knit, smaller but not too small.

We have magical, creative performance possibilities (spaces).

The ethnicity of Sudbury is a major reason for our success.  Our parents came from Europe, where their kids went to musical performances.  In days past, music was a big thing to be proud of – learning music was and should be a point of pride.   Hopefully, it will stay a part of our community and will allow the community to grow.

We have professional quality musicianship and award-winning musicians.


“If we can do this with something that is as fundamentally Canadian as hockey, we can do this with something that is as fundamental to humanity as music and the Arts.”

Sudbury exports music.  We have draw.  We’re the artistic and economic capital of Northeastern Ontario.  We have an existing community that supports musicians and educators.

Sudbury had a long-standing reputation as being a mining town; through a concerted effort of many individuals and groups over the past two generations, people are beginning to understand there’s so much more to Sudbury than just mining!  It’s because we were established as a mining town that we have a rich multi-cultural community, with a particular emphasis on our tri-cultural heritage (English, French, and First Nations).

Our multi-cultural past is the main reason we have such tremendous potential for the future.

“Sudbury is the Arts capital of Northeastern Ontario!”


We think these key ingredients make Sudbury a vibrant music community

  • Strong music programs in schools
  • Starting music early
  • Variety of venues appropriate for different-sized audiences
  • Music groups in the community for musicians to play
  • Arts Coordinator in Rainbow District School Board
  • Generosity of musicians
  • Community support


Our Strategic Plan


  1. Celebrate Sudbury as the Music Capital of Northeastern Ontario
  2. Build awareness and promote the value of music and music education to Sudbury
  • a) Music is an essential life-long learning for everyone
  • b) Ongoing financial and societal support for culturally diverse musical experiences and life-long music-making opportunities is a non-negotiable community-wide endeavour that is not solely the responsibility of those who actively consume or produce music.



1. Improve communication and actively encourage collaboration between and amongst

  • a) Music and music education organizations,
  • b) Other stakeholders, and The general public

2.  Venues:

  • a) Build awareness about existing venues
  • b) Optimize use of existing venue  and develop partnerships
  • c) Stretch awareness of performance venues
  • d) Identify and prioritize needs for new spaces

3.  Events:

  • a) Celebrate existing major community events (content, organization, supports) and brainstorm new partnerships
  • b) Proactively reflect upon community events and their effective link to music and music education (positive piece form Sudbury)
  • c) Strengthen, improve, optimize

NOTE:  By extension, strengthening music will be promoting the Arts.


Action Plan

Action plan is under construction….more to follow.