We know a lot of great work has already gone into how to strengthen London’s music community.  That’s one of the main reasons for convening a Wise Voices for Music round table now.  While discussion is important, the main focus of the community round tables is achievable Action that leads to Change to ensure that learning music is integral to our schools and communities. We intend to

  • Reflect London’s successes on a national platform
  • Learn about the status of work as a result of earlier work, as well as new initiatives so we can share with communities across the country
  • Take the next step, and determine how the Coalition could support the London music community to move forward with implementing strategies and realizing London’s music vision.

As a Coalition representing a national voice for music education, we know that the meaningful and sustaining work is at the grassroots community level. The Coalition’s strength is rooted in this work. We bring together various components of a community to collaborate on action for learning, creating, making and valuing music.  Working with communities, we can reflect through our national platform the network of remarkable work across our country. Stronger together, we learn, celebrate and advocate more effectively.

At the Wise Voices for Music (London) round table, we will:

  • identify London’s key successes and achievements
  • determine intentions and strategies to move to the next step
  • work together to identify achievable action, leadership and support

What do you want Canada to know about music in London?
Join your colleagues and the Coalition for Music Education  

IMG_4989DATE: Thursday, October 29 2015

TIME: 12:00 to 4:00 pm OR 5:00 to 8:00 pm (two meeting times are offered so we can accommodate schedules)

WHERE: Aeolian Hall, http://www.aeolianhall.ca/ 795 Dundas Street E., London
WHAT: A meal and live music from local musicians will be providedFollowing the round table, highlights of the event will be presented through a webpage dedicated to Wise Voices for Music (London), presented in an e-newsletter article, and included in the final project report to The Ontario Trillium Foundation.  Participants will receive a summary report of the event that includes Successes, Gaps and Solutions, Strategies and Action, Next Steps and Leadership.  The Report can be used for future action.


* The Coalition will pay release time for teachers. Travel support is provided to youth, and for those travelling from outside of the city.

For more information about the Wise Voices for Music program –  Wise Voices for Music or contact Kim Eyre who is currently living in London, and she previously participated in a Wise Voices for Music event in North Bay.

Please RSVP to Ashley Boychuk (info@musicmakesus.ca).  We look forward to working together for change on October 29th!