This is how we would like you to recognize…Kingston

“Vibrant – Passionate – Engaged”

We are an active, vibrant and diverse community – close knit, smaller but not too small.

We have a lot going on musically in the community.

The history of Kingston is a major reason for our success.  There are well-established musical groups and musical communities that have been in Kingston for many years and continue to thrive.  We have professional quality musical leaders and nationally recognized musicians and recording artists.

Kingston creates music.  We have draw.  We’re a musically driven community in Eastern Ontario. We have a thriving community that supports musicians and educators.

Historic Kingston has a long-standing reputation as being one of the best places to live in Canada.  This accolade is in no small part due to the recreational and creative opportunities available to its residents, supported by Kingston’s cultural plan. It’s because of Kingston’s history that we have deep-rooted, established musical organizations that are essential to the city’s rich cultural community.

Our commitment to music and musical organizations is the main reason we have such tremendous potential for the future.

There’s a ton of passion in Kingston…people are really passionate about music!”

Call to Gather

  • photo and/or video clip
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy performed by the Encore Quartet (Nick Roy, Emily Zwakenberg, Alyse Szatkowski and Caitlin Barton)


Our Successes

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Successes
  • Artist-in-Schools (Ontario Arts Council)
  • Teacher in schools – private/semi-private/group
  • “Music in the Schools” program in rural areas
  • bringing schools together for year-end concerts
  • music lessons in aid of “problem kids”, e.g. down syndrome, a.d.d., behavioural problems
  • Limestone District School Board (Partnership) Program
  • High School Music programs
Post-Secondary Successes
  • Queen’s Conservatory of Music
  • Queen’s School of Music
  • Faculty of Education – ACE
Community Successes
  • Kingston Arts Council
  • City of Kingston Cultural Plan
  • Gananoque Arts Council
  • City of Kingston Artist Roster
Music Community Successes
  • Kirwanis Music Festival
  • Joe’s Mill – lending library of instrument
  • Bandmix- online database
  • Many festivals and live music events throughout the city (Tone Deaf Festival; Jazz Festival, Wolfe Island Festival, etc.)
  • Kingston Symphony
  • Youth Orchestra
  • Orchestra Kingston
  • Strong ORMTA chapter
  • Several choral groups
  • Talented singer/songwriters (Abrams Brothers, Luther Wright, Tragically Hip, Sarah Harmer, Gertrudes, Live Wire and Al Rankin)
  • Afro-Caribbean Music Community
  • Irish Music Community
  • Aboriginal Drumming
  • Drum circle at Ben’s pub
  • Fiddlers Association
  • Ukelele group
  • Rabble singing
  • Cantatrice youth choir
  • Canta Aria – Suzuki
Partnership Successes
  • Limestone District School Band (Partnership) Program
  • “Music in the Schools” programs in rural areas
  • Focus program – Napanee – focused on songwriting
  • Lots of bands, jam bands of many types of music
  • KRock Centre
  • The Grand Theatre
  • House Concerts
  • The Mansion
  • The Toucan
  • University Theatre

We think these key ingredients make Kingston and area a vibrant music community

  • An incredible amount of musical activity in the community
  • Collaboration and partnering between groups, educator and the City
  • Many opportunities for various skill levels
  • Music groups in the community for musicians to play
  • Economic development looking to the arts as an economic generator

Our Strategic Plan


  1. Communications
  2. Advocacy



  1. Communication:
    1. inform and educate the community about formal music practices and grass roots musicmaking.
    2. Inform and educate parents and students on links between “classroom” music and real world music
    3. Activate a network of advocates to celebrate the joy of music in our schools and community
  2. Advocacy:
    1. Educate decision makers on the importance of music education for all
    2. Educate parents about programming music and its public health benefits
    3. Ensure that school board supports resource teachers for classroom teachers.




  • Knowledge and awareness of groups, projects, activities (electronically linked)
  • Another meeting in the Fall – move ahead with new ideas/discussions
  • Clarify messaging so that more Kingston and area leaders feel the need to be part of the conversation
  • Share our experience of the day with as many music educators as possible
  • “demonstration” to get attention to the cause of music education


  • target the general population with downtown posters on the importance of music (few facts on the benefit of music)
  • present a proposal to the Minister of Education to enhance the role of music education in elementary schools.  The proposal should show the benefits of music education and fulfill their mandate.
  • Identify local champions to approach educators (celebrities, Sarah Harmer, the Tragically Hip, Kingston professionals also in music, etc.)
  • Link School Board Trustees, principals and music educators
  • Determine the Kingston Arts Council’s function with respect to music education and the promotion of music education
  • Develop a local network of music advocates
  • Develop partnerships among community music